We’re all super hero’s around here, because, well, why not? Menu Maven (aka MM, or Mom) has power over all things listable. And yes, I believe listable is a perfectly good, if not OED-approved, word.


My power is used most often for good- this site is an example. I may yet save the world from prepackaged, junky foods and scattered unappreciated meal times. I’m willing to be impressed with myself for just trying. Occasionally the lists are more sinister, though: things to buy myself for Christmas, e.g. Oh well, no one’s perfect.


By day, I’m a mostly mild-mannered engineer. By training a mathematician, I found a lovely niche for myself amongst radar engineers, and truly enjoy my job, except maybe the days I spend fighting Power Point. By afternoon/evening, I’m a mother to Perpetual Motion Machine (aka PMM or Penny). That, too, seems pretty super-hero-y.


PMM’s super power ought to be clear. We do feed her- that, too, is what this site is about- but somehow there is more energy exerted than seems feasible within the standardly accepted confines of Physics. She is almost 2 and (to her mother) the most incredible, brilliant, precocious, active, happy, and startling entity ever. She is a force. If you have kids, you know what I mean. If you don’t, this site is still for you- you’re amazing and need to eat, too, right? Admittedly, a great part of my life is consumed by and a large piece of my identity is entwined with motherhood, so it’ll inevitably be part of the blog.


My other food taster is The Ninja with a Heart of Gold (TNWHG, The Ninja). He’s  PMM’s dad. He lets her jump on his belly- and has declared she can continue to do so until she cracks a rib (his, not hers). He can sneak into PMM’s room when she’s napping and get the dirty clothes, keys, or other sundry object I forgot about and left there. Without waking her up! It’s amazing. He also cooks when I leave instructions, cleans, and (unprompted) gets sandwich fixins for my work trips or curtains that match our new comforters just to be nice.


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